What is happy gas?

Happy gas, or laughing gas, is nitrous oxide, an odourless and colourless gas that is fast-acting, and which elicits pleasurable feelings when it is inhaled. It is considered a safe sedation method but it is not intended to put you to sleep, merely to induce a state of relaxation.

After laughing gas is administered, your dentist will also administer oxygen to you for five minutes. This process gets rid of any residual gas from your lungs, helps you to wake up and helps to avoid a headache.

How should I prepare for happy gas?

Your dentist will recommend you only eat lightly in the hours leading up to your consultation. You should also avoid heavy meals for three hours after receiving the gas. Your dentist will let you know how soon you will be able to drive afterwards. As the laughing gas works very quickly on the body, it also wears off very quickly once you stop breathing it in.

What can you expect from laughing gas in Sans Souci?

You will be awake and able to hear your dentist and respond to any directions or requests of you. You may feel light headed or feel some tingling in your arms and legs.
Happy gas is only intended to sedate you to help you overcome anxiety, so it may be necessary to have anaesthetic as well, if you are having a procedure done.

Is laughing gas safe for children?

Happy gas is often used as a sedative for children. You can discuss your child’s age and any concerns directly with your dentist.
If dental anxiety is preventing you from getting treatment, contact us to find out more about our laughing gas dentist.