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Tartar and plaque control

While we do advocate that all our Randwick dental patients brush and floss twice a day, we also know that this alone is not enough to stop the development of tartar on your teeth. Tartar is the result of calcified plaque, a sticky substance that contains bacteria, which develops on the surface of teeth, between teeth and along the gum line.

Tartar can only be removed by your dentist and if it is not, can lead to the development of decay and cavities.

If you do have a cavity, it can be managed but it’s best for you to find this out early on, because complications can occur that may result in the loss of the tooth.

Gum disease

Conditions like gum disease may not present with any symptoms at all, and if you don’t see your dentist, it can progress to the more serious periodontitis.

Randwick dental patients who grind their teeth in their sleep are often unaware. It is usually only after a visit to our Randwick Dental Clinic that they even realise what is going on in their mouths.

Wisdom teeth

Your dentist will also be able to check out your wisdom teeth and how they are emerging, and this can help you avoid further complications later on.

Tooth replacement options

If you have lost teeth your dentist will review your tooth replacement options.


The routine check up involves a thorough assessment of your mouth. This means your teeth, gums, and the soft tissue in your mouth will be checked. Your dentist in Randwick will look for signs of swelling or inflammation and redness.

Your dentist will also inspect your jaw and bite for alignment and signs of wear on the teeth that may indicate you grind your teeth in your sleep. He or she may take x rays at our Randwick Dental Clinic to have a closer look at your bite, or to inspect your wisdom teeth or an abscess.

Your teeth will be professionally cleaned and polished. The dentist will remove tartar from the gum line, the surface of the teeth and in between your teeth.

If there are any signs of decay the cavities will be cleaned out and filled with a resin filling.

Your dentist in Randwick will also evaluate your brushing and flossing techniques and may give you some tips to improve your daily routine. He or she may also give you some lifestyle feedback, like suggesting quitting smoking or avoiding sugary foods if cavities are a concern.


Are your wisdom teeth erupting? Our Randwick Dental Clinic can assist you with tooth extractions and wisdom tooth removal to restore comfort in your mouth.


You can also discuss cosmetic dentistry options with your dentist during your appointment. If you have questions about teeth whitening, crowns or bridge work, you can have them answered and plan for future treatments.

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